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Security Personnel


Target Security deploys Static and Armed guards at strategic and sensitive locations. They are highly disciplined, vastly experienced and armed to perform the task set out to us by our client. These include but is not limited to the following:

  • Gate operation and access control
  • Validation of identity
  • Security of materials and movement control
  • Guarding of vital installations
  • Protection of offices, equipment and buildings
  • Guarding of cash and valuables

Target Security provides senior security personnel in civil attire or uniform,as body guards for the protection of industrialist, executives, businessmen and other VIP. Based on the client’s requirement, Target Security will provide a security plan to be followed depending on the location and situation.

Our bodyguards have extensive background in the field of personal security and law enforcement. Our bodyguards and escorts undergo rigorous background and health checks before they are posted to our clients. We emphasize on the appearance and discipline of our Body Guards and Escorts and provide them with an overall training to suit the needs of our clients. Their comprehensive training allows them to be the ideal body guard and escort to suit the clients overall security needs. Upon request by the client, Target Security may also provide guards that are able to act as personal security drivers.


Gurkha Guards are recognized throughout the world for their courageous actions and their determined and disciplined personality. The reputation that proceeds a Gurkha guard has been recognized by the Home Affairs Ministry of Malaysia and approved to be enlisted as Security Guards within Malaysia.

The Gurkha guards that are employed by Target Security are derived from the ex-servicemen of the Nepal Army. Gurkha guards are highly disciplined and diligent in the execution of their duties.


We provide highly trained dogs with uniformed handlers to protect persons, property and premises in a diverse range of circumstances. Our carefully selected dogs have a sound temperament and are trained to meet our demanding standards. All our handlers are in complete control of their dogs at all times.

Security dog and handler patrols provide valuable, efficient, cost-effective protection. One well trained dog and handler can cover the work of three or more security guards, and we can cover very large areas due to the dog’s acute sense of smell and hearing abilities, which are invaluable and effective in high-risk situations.

Target Security provides the services of secure Cash in Transit which encompasses transporting, storing and sorting cash and other valuables, typically for retail and financial organisations. A range of secure Cash in Transit services are available to suit the different needs of small, medium and large companies.

Our dedicated Private Investigators will assist the client in the following fields so that the client will be aware of who they are hiring to be able to investigate individuals who might pose a risk to the client’s interest. These investigations would be done on the basis of the following:

  • Investigate malpractice in business transaction
  • Investigate martial delinquencies
  • Investigate banking frauds
  • Prepare confidential report on companies and their subsidiaries
  • Prepare background reports on would be employees and their subsidiaries
  • Trace and report on trademark infringements
  • Trace and report on the source of imitation products
  • Serve summonses
  • Trace witnesses

Target Security provides our clients with a tailored made security apparatus that includes Digital CCTV Surveillance, Security Alarm System, Access Control System, and Biometrics Access System. These are provided after the assessment of the client’s premises and after assessing the security requirements of the client. The installation of theses security apparatus provides a total security for the client so that the premise is monitored for any suspicious activities. Our products caters to the needs of private residence, retail shop, corporate, government and industries sector.

The installation of the Car Park Barrier will allow the client to regulate the entry of vehicles to the premises. The automated system will allow only vehicles that have access to the premises to enter. This will mitigate the entry of unauthorized vehicles and allow the client to monitor the entry of vehicles. This system can be adjusted for personal use to a more general use in car parks at residential and office blocks. Our car park barrier systems are highly secure and durable for heavy duty use.

The Burglar Alarm System when installed in the premises of the client will curtail any activities that will allow an intruder to enter the clients premises undetected. This will also allow the client to secure vital articles and documents and limit the risk of theft and vandalism. This system will encompass a wide range of security apparatus based on the assessment of the situation and client.

Target Security understands the importance of an event to be completed in a secure manner. For this purpose we provide our clients a comprehensive package to monitor, assess and secure important events to curtail any security risks that might crop up. Target security will look into the security of your VIPs, celebrities as well as guest that will be coming to the event and formulate secure plans for their overall protection. Our personnel will assess risks and formulate a secure system to handle crowds during the event through our crowd control mechanisms. Our personnel will look into the backstage protection, VIP areas and assigning guards to vital locations before and during the show. This will allow the client to dedicate their time to the success of the event and not to be concerned with any security aspects

Surveillance is an important task in providing our clients an overall security strategy. Through a wide range of methods we are able to provide our client the ability to secure an extensive area that might encompasses a private or business property. Through the use of CCTV, armed guards and vehicle patrolling the client can be secured that precious lives and property will be protected in any eventuality. Target Security can base the security plans according to the needs and recommendation of the client

Target Security provides our clients the peace of mind when transferring large sums of money from one location to another. Our services assist the client to mitigate any risk involved when transferring money from locations such as shopping centres, banks, hotels and other localities based on our client’s needs. Our services are available any time of day and night, and our armoured vehicles will be accompanied by our senior security personnel for the most comprehensive security possible. Our services are not limited to monetary transactions and can also be used in the transportation of confidential documents and/or parcels.

Our services under this category will seek to advice our clients in regards to the most comprehensive means to prevent any security lapses within your premises. These will include recommendation of posting of security personnel, the best means to prevent disaster such as fires and an overall report on the premises based on the requirement of the client. The recommendation will vary from each site after factoring in the security concerns.

Mobile patrol cars and crews are available for reconnaissance and monitoring of premises. The vehicle will patrol around the premises at regular intervals to monitor the security concerns of the client. Mobile patrols will include both vehicle as well as personnel on the ground, with or without the use of guard dogs. Target Security can adjust the service according to the requirement of the client as well as the premises concerned.

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