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TARGET SECURITY SDN.BHD (TS) was established on 16 October 1998 and is a licensed Private Agency under Section 2(a) and 2 (b) of the Private Agencies Act 1971 issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs to provide commercial security services and private investigation respectively in Malaysia.

Minimizing the risks that our Clients face, regardless of their profile is our business. With Target Security you are assured of an experienced, reliable and dedicated partner backed by its broad array of resources to support and augment your security plan, one equipped to anticipate, prepare and deal with all potential security situations.

Target Security is managed by a team of highly competent security professionals from diverse security backgrounds and expertise, well verse in risk management, protection, investigation, physical, electronic and technical surveillance, security audit and survey, as well as other security related services. You are assured of an efficient, reliable and trustworthy partner to cater to your every security need.

Target Security global extensive networking allows the undertaking of assignments beyond the boundaries of Malaysia. The networking includes links to the World Association of Detectives (WAD) and Asian Professional Security Association (APSA).

Target Security is widely recognized among leading law firms, corporations, financial services companies and investment banking firms as a highly reliable, confidential source of critical, time-sensitive information. The confidence of our clients is our greatest asset. Corporate Risks maintains the highest standards of ethics, propriety and professionalism – values that are essential given the sensitive nature of our work.

Target Security Business Intelligence and Analysis capabilities are in its experience in combining internationally-recognised investigative skills with sophisticated company and industry research to support decision-making in a fast-changing and uncertain environment of management concerns.

Target Security builds its strengths in maintaining a comprehensive network of associates throughout Asia and beyond, who are both professional specialists and strategically located confidential sources.

Our Mission
Target Security’s mission is to provide timely, accurate information, with complete discretion, to business and professional leaders facing strategic decisions.

Our Vision
To be the premier professional security service and private investigation provider specializing in business intelligence, risks mitigation, crisis management and corporate security services.

To provide the client with a systematic and efficient security plan to be utilised with the expertise of our experienced personnel.

Our personnel

Our force includes ex-servicemen and ex-policemen aged 25 to 55 years with necessary education and good command of Bahasa Malaysia/ English. Our personnel are experienced and have a comprehensive history in the field of security. They are screened thoroughly and are guaranteed not to have police record, certified to be medically fit with good physical appearance and personality. Depending on the needs of the client and upon assessment of the situation, we are able to provide guards who are armed with suitable weaponry.

Target Security personnel are trained through drill instruction and parade, lectured on security and law as well as first aid, fire drill (practical and theory), crowd control and other such emergencies. They are also capable of writing reports, displaying utmost discipline while carrying out duties and at the same time, taking an importance in appearance.

Our personnel receive benefits like KWSP/SOCSO contribution monthly, insurance coverage, medical benefits, salary promotion with incentives and awards. Also, we provide recognition for good performance.

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